This Is a Video of Aaron Paul Guessing the Sex of Some Dogs on Jimmy Kimmel Live

“Guessing the sex of some dogs” is a bit of an undersell; he’s guessing the sex solely through (non-genital! Non-genital! Too easy!) touch, while blindfolded. Which is a neat party trick. An even neater trick: Working in the catchphrase. If he put this act on the road for the next two weeks, he might sell out arenas. AMC might give him a prime-time gender-guessing special because it’s running out of ideas and panicking about the future. The downside, of course, would be a lifetime of not only having that catchphrase shouted at him on the street (a prospect he’s always seemed relatively at peace with), but this new “This one’s got balls, bitch!” variation. Maybe it’s good he’s giving people a way to mix it up a little.

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