The Dom Hemingway Trailer: Jude Law Goes Full Cad

Most likely, Jude Law’s always had some seediness to him. He was probably just too pretty for us to notice. Over the last couple of years, though, as he has undergone something of a debeautification process, he has commendably embraced the newfound opportunities. In Contagion, to play that most dastardly of villains, an evil blogger, Law let Steven Soderbergh gnarl up his teeth and shoot him from above, where that receding hairline is all the more receding. In Side Effects, from this year, he let Soderbergh use his fraying looks again, this time more subtly: He’s a creepy, possibly criminal therapist, and we’re never quite sure if we should trust him. (It’d never work with thoroughly handsome Jude Law; that guy you couldn’t not trust.)

Which brings us to Dom Hemingway and Law’s strangest facial-hair choice to date. Written and directed by TV vet Richard Shepard (Ugly Betty, 30 Rock), Don‘s got Law going full cad as a pint-guzzling, cigarette-smoking, safe-humping deadbeat dad/grandpa ex-con. It’s maybe not where we thought Jude would be 15 years ago; we’re certainly not mad that this is where he’s at now.

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