The Cabin in the Woods Trailer: Always Take Advice From a Creepy Old Man

So the story here is that The Cabin in the Woods was shot back in 2009 but never released because its studio, MGM, went bankrupt. Now it’s coming out, via Lionsgate, in April, two years after originally planned. In the time since, its star Chris Hemsworth put on so much Thor muscle he started going numb. That means the masses who flocked to see him charmingly swing his magic hammer might not even recognize him here. But the big attraction is Cabin‘s serious genre credentials, in the form of co-writer/demigod Joss Whedon — who, like Hemsworth, is onto bigger things, with the Avengers movie — and co-writer/director Drew Goddard, the man behind Cloverfield.

Also promising: after this trailer dispenses quickly with the “kids partying in the middle of nowhere get hunted” premise, shit gets weird. We get an idyllic RV ride, a creepy old man offering vague warnings, and the “my GPS isn’t working!” bit (that last one is also the crux of a car commercial airing right now, years after this screenplay was written. Whedon’s a visionary!). Then, once the lambs have been snared in the cabin-trap, we get all manners of crazy: bird-killing force fields, near make-outs with taxidermied wolves, creepy masks, elevator meltdowns, and one brief scene set in what looks like the international headquarters of the Illuminati. (Also, Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford are on the cast list, but not in the trailer, meaning they’re probably the bad guys). In conclusion: this will either be totally mind-blowing or an incomprehensible mess.

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