Songs of the Week: Trae the Truth Reps Texas, Jessie Ware Talks Sweetly, and Freddie Gibbs Invites You Over to Sell You Drugs

Freddie Gibbs and Madlib, “Shame”

No, sadly, the music video for “Shame” is not a shot-for-shot remake of the bathroom scene in Shame with Michael Fassbender (and his penis) being played by Freddie Gibbs (and his penis). Instead we get Gangsta Gibbs as a drug dealer selling goods out of his apartment to a string of what look like scuzzed-out NYU lady undergrads in interesting legwear. Which, come to think of it, isn’t too shabby either.

Jessie Ware, “Sweet Talk”

Jessie Ware is a young lady from London who sings. Her debut album, Devotion, comes out later this month. This track, “Sweet Talk,” is pretty great, and is on that album. With that out of the way — do you think Ware should have gone with a stage name? “Jessie Ware” just kind of sounds like the name of a love interest in a Michael Cera movie. Or maybe Ware could just go mononym? No famous person has yet claimed “Jessie” just on its own like that. Hmm. Anyway, people at Jessie Ware’s record company — if you want to patch me in for marketing-meeting conference calls from now on, I am available.

DJ Khaled feat. Nas, Scarface, and DJ Premier, “Hip Hop”

So, during the sessions for this track, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League made the beat, Primo did the scratching, and Scarface and Nas did the rapping … hopefully Khaled fetched everyone fresh mango or something?

Ellie Goulding, “Anything Could Happen”

Wouldn’t it be sad if, after three and a half minutes of uplifting and soaring vocals about how “anything could happen,” Ellie Goulding then capped things off by sighing and petulantly shrugging her shoulders and whining about how “but nothing ever does, does it” and then going and hanging out at the parking lot in front of the 7-Eleven all night again?

Wavves, “Hippies Is Punks”

It only makes sense that a guy who once dropped a song called “I Wanna Meet Dave Grohl” is now trying to make music that sounds like a ’94 Foo Fighters B-side. In related news, holy shit, how good is “This Is a Call“?

Hit-Boy, “HITstory”

This week, the guy who made the beat for “N—-s in Paris” followed up his debut single, “Jay-Z Interview,” with a full-length mixtape called HITstory. (Download it here.) Please tell me the proper séance-communication channels were consulted to make sure MJ was cool with his album title being cribbed? In related news, holy shit, how good is “They Don’t Care About Us“?

Riff Raff, “Golden Streets”

Riff Raff, Internet persona/MC/self-declared “most viral person alive”/enigma, put out a new mixtape this week as well. It’s called Birth of an Icon, and it’s his first release via his new deal with Diplo’s label Mad Decent. (Download here.) Just as important, I think I finally got into Riff Raff! It happened on this track “Golden Streets” right here, when he boldly declared he’ll “posterize your ass like” (infamous NBA bust) “Jonathan Bender.” What a delightfully obscure reference.

Rich Boy and Supa Villain, “Fresh”

As FADER points out, Rich Boy hasn’t stopped making quality jams since his — lush, timeless! — hit “Throw Some Ds.” He’s just been doing it on unheralded mixtapes. (This new track “Fresh” is no slouch, but 2008’s “Monsta” truly has my heart.) In 2010 Rich Boy explained that his second LP would be called Resurrected in Diamonds, and would feature production from Dr. Dre and Polow da Don. Since, though, nothing much on that front. So can Resurrected in Diamonds now become the next Chinese Democracy? Please?

Wild Nothing, “Paradise”

Wild Nothing’s “Paradise” < Toni Morrison's Paradise < Milton's Paradise Lost < 1989 Best Foreign Picture Oscar winner Cinema Paradiso < actual paradise, like as a place, like heaven.

Trae the Truth feat. Z-Ro, Kirko Bangz, Bun B, Slim Thug and Paul Wall, “I’m From Texas”

Trae the Truth continues having one of the top five craziest-sounding voices in rap. New life goal: Get Trae the Truth to record my voice-mail message. “Whadup, this Trae. Amos is at the laundromat. Leave a message.” One day!

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