Songs of the Week: Major Lazer Shouts Out Don Draper

Major Lazer, “Original Don”

The artwork for ML’s new single is Don Draper outfitted for a futuristic guerilla anime war, but the track — another massive Major Lazer monstrosity, cobbled together from battering-ram bass drums, spare yelps, and good intentions — doesn’t actually have anything to do with Mad Men. Except for that part where Vincent Kartheiser raps in character as Pete Cambell ahhhhhhhh….

Nas feat. Rick Ross, “It’s a Tower Heist”

Yes, Nas and Rick Ross made a song for the Tower Heist soundtrack, and it’s called “It’s a Tower Heist,” and certain elements of its subject matter actually echo the plot of Tower Heist. More relevant: Salaam Remi’s compact beat knocks, and Esco and Rozay rap breezy and free, as if completely unencumbered by the dire implications of having accepted Brett Ratner’s blood money. (Related: feel better, Ross!)

Jay Electronica feat. Mobb Deep, “Call of Duty (Modern Warfare 3)”

On the other hand, is Jay even being compensated by the folks at Call of Duty here? Or did he name his new song after the first-person shooter because he’s recently been spending a lot of time playing Xbox online with his Roc Nation pal Willow Smith? In related news: Dude, where is your album?

Will.I.Am feat. Jennifer Lopez and Mick Jagger, “Hard”

Is Mick Jagger losing his mind? First he decides that launching a side-project featuring both Joss Stone and Damian Marley is a sane idea, then he shows up to vomit all over the end of a Will.I.Am solo track. The best part about this is imagining how sad it’s making oh so many people.

Danny Brown and Black Milk, “Zap”

Black Milk is the underground don whose rhyming and production recall, in the best way possible, an extremely solidly constructed house. Danny Brown is the sex-crazed mad-man MC with the voice of a mean cartoon duck. They’re both from Detroit, and they’ve teamed up for an EP. This song, off that EP, kind of sounds like it samples the pan flute song from Kill Bill. Good work, Michigan.

The Horrors, “Best Thing I Never Had”

Awesome Cover of the Week: The Horrors — a band beloved by English people but who don’t really need to know about, at least not yet — poke and pull Beyoncé’s ballad “Best Thing I Never Had” into unrecognizability.

Small Black feat. Heems, “Two Rivers”

Das Racist’s Heems pulls out a fake patois (“9 am, ya can’t sleep, ya buggin’ / mean muggin’ / cause Indian kids be thuggin’ … I be chamomile sipping”) for Brooklyn chillwave up-and-comers Small Black’s blissed out joyride. Vibe out to this one.

Karen O, “Mammas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys”

Karen O takes on Willie Nelson for Chipotle’s campaign to raise awareness about the economic hardships of family farmers. AS IF WE NEEDED ANOTHER REASON TO WANT A BURRITO BOWL RIGHT NOW.

Reema Major, “I’m the One”

Reema Major is a 16-year-old MC from Canada (sorry, Drake) that we just found out about on Wednesday. Best Wednesday ever!

Drake, “Make Me Proud”

Speaking of Drake, the proud Torontian was on Funk Master Flex’s show last night to talk celebrity dating and drop his new song with Nicki Minaj, “Make Me Proud.” It’s about tearing up while watching his six-year-old son lay execute a fundamentally sound bunt in a Little League game.

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