And This Is Sir Mix-A-Lot Performing ‘Baby Got Back’ With an Orchestra

If you knew “Baby Got Back” was impeccably suited to an orchestral rendition, I owe you something nice. But until I get your prize together, we can sit together and bask in the glory of composer Gabriel Prokofiev and the Seattle Symphony’s flawless team-up with proud local native Sir Mix-A-Lot, who still sounds/is great. Skip to 2:30 to get down to business.

Last night’Game of Thrones was the most expensive episode of the series so far. Giants, man. Giants.

Bryan Cranston and Steven Spielberg are turning the Cranston-starring Lyndon B. Johnson play All the Way into a miniseries.

“I feel like a fourth film should happen, and if there was space for any of the original kids that come back and have a role, I would be surprised that anybody didn’t want to do it. The next generation should have its own version.” –Actor Joshua Jackson discussing Mighty Ducks 4 [via]

Featured in the new five-minute video/life experience from 2.7-billion-times-viewed YouTube deity PSY: Snoop Dogg in a dope white suit; PSY vomiting up liquefied Adult Swim; furious tooth-brushing; rapid-fire air-sax; PSY wriggling ecstatically, as always.

Look, Weezer drummer Patrick Wilson can catch a Frisbee while playing a show.

Comedy Central renewed Inside Amy Schumer and Review.

Whitney Houston will be played by Yaya DaCosta (The Kids Are All Right, The Butler) for a Lifetime biopic.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hardy are rumored candidates for Marvel’s Doctor Strange.

Wanna see what Neil Patrick Harris is like in Hedwig and the Angry Inch on Broadway? The Tonys took care of you:

Nasim Pedrad is probably done at SNL. (Reminder: She’s doing Mulaney.)

Donald Glover’s doing a Childish Gambino EP with Chance the Rapper. If you’re familiar with Chance’s “Favorite Song” and Donald’s “The Worst Guys,” you’re aware that this is happy news.

The world’s oldest known man, 111-year-old New Yorker Alexander Imich, has died.

Dave Franco will play The Room costar Greg Sestero in James Franco’s movie about Tommy Wiseau’s infamously awful cult movie. [via]

Seth Rogen is interested in making Neighbors 2 happen/making a lot of money a second time around.

And here’s Danny Brown after having his guest verse cut from an A$AP Mob track [via]:

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