Seth MacFarlane’s Oscar Promos: ‘That’s Not How You Spell Douche’

Seth MacFarlaneNot that it was going to take much for anyone to panic about this year’s Oscars anyway, but after Seth MacFarlane hammed it up like a monkey riding a bicycle Thursday morning while announcing the nominees, the question is now paramount on the minds of the masses — on February 24, when the Academy Awards air, are we in for a SethMacFarlanepocalypse of awkwardness? (The question probably isn’t phrased as clumsily as that. But you get the gist.)

Well, now we have MacFarlane’s Oscar promos to … totally and completely assuage us of all concerns and fears?! No, no, of course not. But there is promise here — namely, in the two bits where MacFarlane makes fun of himself. First self-deprecating promo: He checks Twitter for Oscar-related activity about himself, then drops a “That’s not how you spell douche.” Second self-deprecating promo: “Many of you are wondering why I’m hosting the Oscars …” followed by an uneasy silence. Hey, two out of five — not bad! (That’s 40 percent. If the actual telecast is 40 percent entertaining, you’ll find me doing backflips down the West Side Highway.) And I think we’ve actually learned something important here: During the live show, when everything’s going a mile a minute, and all direction and purpose seem to be quickly slipping away, all Seth MacFarlane has to do to regain control is take a deep breath, look square into that camera, and make fun of Seth MacFarlane.

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