Sadako From Ringu Threw the First Pitch at a Baseball Game for Some Wonderful Reason

Korean baseball games may have been stepping it up in the “viral first pitch” department in the last month or so, but Japan just saw them their backflipping, taekwondo-ing windups and raised them an army of Sadakos. You know, the creepy zombie girl who crawls out of the TV and into your nightmares in Ringu/The Ring? The stringy-hair-covered face that launched a thousand lazy haunted child ripoffs? Yes, well, that franchise is still going strong in Japan, with Sadako 3-D 2 hitting theaters this Friday (the undoubtedly superior original Sadako 3-D came out about three months ago), so to promote her latest project, the titular heroine, accompanied by three tiny look-alikes, threw the first pitch at the Chunichi Dragons and Hanshin Tigers game on Saturday. Then she collapsed and was carted away on a stretcher, because Japanese baseball games are all for confronting mortality and making your children cry if it makes a baseball game more fun to watch.

(h/t Dissolve)

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