Revolution Episode 107, ‘The Children’s Crusade’: The One-Image Recap

NBC Revolution

This was the seventh episode of Revolution’s first season. Let’s get you all caught up on what’s happened, in case you’ve been skipping the biggest new hit of the fall, like a crazy person with no regard for being entertained:

  • The world lost all of its electricity, for mysterious reasons that are becoming increasingly less mysterious.
  • A horse-drawn carriage improvised from a sawed-in-half car cruised by once, Wrigley Field was covered in vines, and a dude was printing a Harry Potter book by hand.
  • Crossbows.
  • Periodically, a character has used the magical amulet you see above to turn the power back on just long enough to do something crucial to the fate of humanity, like check their iPhone wallpaper, listen to Marvin Gaye on a Discman, or revive a lighthouse for five seconds.
  • A ragtag gang of rebels has chased after the lead girl’s kidnapped brother for, like, the entire time. This might actually be a show only about rescuing that one guy, now that we think about it. What happens when they get him back? If this were Homeland, the producers would have beheaded that kid in Episode 2 and turned this into a series about what happens in a postapocalyptic world with too much electricity, blowing all our minds.
  • That’s it. You are current on Revolution. Pun intended, kill us now.

    Bonus Images!

    They Say “Children of the Corn,” We Say “Lord of the Flies,” Eff It, Just Hand Some Dirty Kids Some Makeshift Spears and Let’s Agree to Disagree

    Here Is a Lab Filled With All the Things Our Power-Disrupting Device Can Mess Up, Immediately Ending Society As We Know It

    From left to right: a boombox, neon bar signs, CNN, a gaudier boombox, a Pinterest page, hanging lighting fixtures, colored Christmas lights, the phone he’s holding, an ugly floor lamp from Target, Monday Night Football, a dancing toy robot from 2006. Not shown: every other useful thing in the world.

    Look, Just Indulge Us for a Minute So That We Can Finally Address the “Miles Looks Exactly Like Rick Springfield” Elephant in the Darkened Room

    We bet you can’t even tell that one is Photoshopped. You know why? Because it isn’t.

    Next week: The magic amulet falls out of Mr. Google’s pocket, which is a bad thing to have happen in the context of this show.

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