Please, Allow This Slickly Produced Movie Trailer to Convince You of the Authenticity of Snoop Dogg’s Reggae Rebirth

As you may have heard, Snoop Dogg is no longer Snoop Dogg. He is now Snoop Lion. And he’s not a rapper anymore, either. He’s a reggae singer. Yep!

The official announcement came Monday during a press conference in New York City, during which Snoop did his best to make it clear that Reincarnated, the reggae album he recorded in Jamaica this February, was the result of a true Rastafarian awakening. Says the New York Times, “Wearing a Rasta knit cap, sunglasses and a Kobe Bryant jersey, Snoop held forth about positivity, good vibrations and being ‘called by the spirit’ to begin singing reggae.” And then the Times says “That’s bullshit!” in a very Times-y way: “Snoop described his decision to do the album as a spiritual revelation, but others involved in the project said it was, in fact, carefully planned and executed. He brought along the hit maker Diplo to produce the tracks and hired a team of three songwriters, led by Angela Hunte, who wrote ‘Empire State of Mind’ … he also had in tow a group of documentary filmmakers from Vice Media.” The trailer for that documentary, also called Reincarnated, has been released, and continues Snoop’s deadpan insistence that really, seriously, you guys, he’s super Rastafarian now. At one point there’s this staticky women’s voice saying, “Snoop Dogg is still in Jamaica observing and participating in authentic Jamaican culture,” like it was a very important breaking-news update. At another point, a woman with a staff blesses Snoop and announces “The prodigal son returns” and I’m pretty sure she doesn’t mean “prodigal” in the “Rashly or wastefully extravagant” (source: kind of way. Later, Snoop explains all the hullabaloo, saying “I didn’t wanna just come here, say ‘I made a record in Jamaica, grew some dreadlocks’ … ” But, like, why not?!

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