If the Muppets Sequel Fails, You Can Blame How I Met Your Mother

Vulture reports that a sequel to Jason Segel’s franchise-revitalizing The Muppets is on the horizon — but that its screenplay’s pages won’t ever run through the golden touch of Segel’s magic typewriter of good scripts. Why the hell not?! Basically, the guy is way too busy: “Disney insiders tell Vulture that between his commitment to the CBS sitcom, his other feature-writing efforts, and promotional work for Five Year Engagement (due out this coming April) and Judd Apatow’s This Is Forty (in December), there won’t be time to collaborate on a Muppets sequel.” That means Nicholas Stoller, who co-wrote The Muppets with Segel, is writing the new one with James Bobin, who directed The Muppets. And when it all shakes out, Segel might still star in The Muppets: Revenge of the Fallen Side of the Moon.

Still: That’s a drag, right? The movie just won an Oscar (for a song, yeah, but you know, whatever). You’d think the powers that be would do what it takes to keep the original dream team together. And for this grave error, let’s blame … How I Met Your Mother, of course! Who in their right mind is not understanding of Segel’s continued presence on our big screens via charming and realistic romantic comedies? That’s something he should definitely be doing with his time. But slumming it on a way-past-its-prime CBS sitcom? Not the right move. Not the right move at all. (It’s fair to assume that Segel himself is itching to get out. Just listen to the kind of story ideas he’s pitching the show: “my other suggestion, which they never used, which I think would be so funny, is — it’s the future, right? I think in one of those scenes, they should open the window, and it should be, like, a postapocalyptic wasteland outside. It should be like I Am Legend. Horrible mutants.”)

And because of his unfortunate HIMYM commitment, we don’t get a Segel-authored Muppets sequel. Maybe it’s time to get him off the show? To ensure this kind of thing never happens again? That CBS contract is probably ironclad, but surely some good Samaritan of a saboteur can blackmail Les Moonves for us?

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