Hollywood Prospectus Podcast: Homeland, The Walking Dead, and New Music From Big Boi

HomelandThis week on the pod, Andy and I spent some more time with a recent favorite topic, James Bond. Do the creeping Nolanisms, gorgeous cinematography (Roger Deakin!), and Oscar-caliber performances (Bardem!) make Skyfall (1:11) anything more than a shaken, not stirred, spy thriller? Do we feel any differently about the character now that we know where he grew up? And what did Andy’s college semester abroad in Scotland teach him about the British Empire?

We then moved on to the most pressing cultural issue of our time: Are we in or out on the Dana plot in Homeland (16:30)? All will be revealed in our discussion of this past weekend’s hotly debated episode, “The Clearing.”

The back nine of this week’s pod focused on the question of whether or not The Walking Dead (26:55) is too limited in its scope, whether Last Resort is too wide. We wrapped with another question: If Big Boi is putting out music as good as “Lines,” (39:45) should Outkast even bother getting back together? Native ATLien Rembert Browne helps us look at Outkast’s unimpeachable legacy and uncertain future.

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