Hollywood Prospectus Podcast: Girls, The Americans, and The Walking Dead

The AmericansHey guys, are those a bunch of nails on your floor, or are you just happy to see us? On this week’s pod, Andy and I discussed the most recent, very provocative episode of Girls (1:15), and that show’s blindingly good, digressive, weird second season. We then moved on to the Best New Show on Television, The Americans (15:35), with a little chatter about Justified‘s subtly strong fourth season. We also talked a bit about how every great show needs an “Oh shit!” moment that makes you realize you are cooking with some high heat.

We bring things down to a simmer with a discussion of The Walking Dead (32:45), wherein we celebrate what was possibly the show’s greatest episode (“Clear”) and bemoan its return to regularly scheduled programming. Come on and join us. Q-tips are totally optional.

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