Hidden Gems of YouTube: Bob Seger, ‘Till It Shines’ Acoustic Cover

In which the Grantland staff unearths previously unheralded snippets of greatness so that a wider audience may enjoy them.

I may or may not search YouTube for live Bob Seger performances from the 1970s from time to time, just to see if anything good has been added since the last time I may or may not have searched for live Bob Seger performances from the 1970s. Don’t judge me. (In my defense, the 1970s Seger-Springsteen rivalry was the musical equivalent of the Tom Hanks–Michael Keaton 1980s rivalry — in other words, it was a MUCH better argument for a short time than anyone remembers.) My latest Seger search led to me stumbling across a shirtless guy named Ricky performing a surprisingly good cover of the underrated Seger song “Till It Shines.” I’d argue it’s the best shirtless acoustic cover on YouTube right now, and much better than Ricky’s other shirtless acoustic performances of “Man of the World,” “Shoot You Down,” “She Belongs to Me” and “My Song.” This is everything that’s right/wrong/confusing/creepy/inexplicable/entertaining/haunting about YouTube in just 163 seconds. I wish I could unsee Ricky, but I can’t … and now, you can’t, either.

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