Hollywood Prospectus Podcast: Dean Norris, True Detective, and Superchunk

Dean Norris in "Breaking Bad"Sunday was a big day! The weather was good, football season started up, Serena Williams won the Open … oh yeah, and a neo-Nazi shootout in the desert threatened to Swiss cheese up everything we thought we knew about Breaking Bad. Chris and I went long talking about this week’s episode, the stellar work of director Michelle MacLaren, and what we think is on the other side of that brutal cliffhanger. In fact, we went on so long about it that actor Dean Norris — a.k.a. Agent Hank Schrader — literally walked into the studio for a quick chat with Chris.

With Hank dispatched — from the podcast! No spoilers! — we moved on to a discussion about HBO’s upcoming series True Detective. Are we ready to go this dark again? (Probably, as long as Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey are packing heat and flashlights.) And does a project like this, overseen by the talented young director Cary Fukunaga, mean that TV is the new place for auteurist, formerly relegated-to-the-arthouse cinema?

We ended by talking Superchunk. Because even though they hate music, we can’t help but love them. For those not in the know, a primer Spotify playlist is below. It sure beats whatever Todd is listening to right now.

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