Girls in Hoodies Podcast: American Horror Story: Coven, John Mayer, and Miley vs. Sinead

Michele K. Short/FX American Horror Story: Coven

We may not all have seen Gravity yet (it was a very busy weekend!) but the Girls in Hoodies are all-in on American Horror Story: Coven, the third series of Ryan Murphy and Brian Falchuk’s horror anthology franchise. There’s just something about Jessica Lange’s dance interludes that transcend the genre, and we all agree it’s exciting to have another virtually all-female cast on TV.

Tess and Molly then recap their adventure seeing John Mayer at the Hollywood Bowl and the friends and memories they made to last a lifetime. We then move on to Fiona Apple’s Portland hecklers and the “concern trolling” phenomenon that runs so rampant in pop culture, including but not limited to the Miley Cyrus and Sinead O’Connor feud. Between Amanda Bynes tweets and Terry Richardson photos hoots, it’s been a hard week to stay Team Miley, and one of us may have jumped ship.

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