Eastbound & Dubstep: A Roundup of Kenny Powers Dropping the Bass

Since talking about last night’s episode of Eastbound & Down would be impossible without inventing an entirely new language, your palate cleanser from all the Oscar coverage is not a recap. It’s a Kenny Powers dubstep K-hole. Let’s motherfuckin’ go!

“Kenny Powers” – Control/Kthulhu

This wobbly track from Control/Kthulhu is called “Kenny Powers,” samples the man himself, and is perfect for recutting Season 1’s MDMA-fueled school dance sequence.

“Kenny Powers” – Control/Kthulhu (SaladUK version)

Same song and dance sequence, cut differently to be all twitchy. Made by account SaladUK, the self-described “Pioneer in Visualizing Dubstep.”

“Kenny Powers Ecstasy Dance – Eastbound and Down – DUBSTEP REMIX”

The dance set to a different dubstep song. If you’re already burned out from watching the same dance sequence, you may not be ready for the full power and majesty of repetitive beats.

“Pagne” – Loki Beats

This one makes a genuinely good alternate soundtrack. Smooth as hell.

“Fine Ladies (Bunraku Edit)” – Alex Greggs

I looked up Alex Greggs and found out he produced and co-wrote songs on two ‘N Sync albums (the good ones) and has worked with Lady Gaga, but is also Mad Decent-affiliated. Fuckin’ remix.

“La Flama Blanca” – K Rok


La Flama Blanca at the Airport

This idiot getting his eagle on in cargo shorts at the airport more or less sums it up (everything).

“Throw That Bitch a Bagel” – Deuce Deuce

Bitches love bagels. Everybody loves bagels. Included this because there is a line about KP, and because it’s an Indiana keg party college rap video about bagels that will now be stuck in my head forever.

Mylo the Cat’s Reaction to Season 3 of Eastbound & Down

I mean, right?

Singing Kenny Powers Tattoo

Self-explanatory. Fittingly, he is lip-synching to Fatman Scoop.

Bat Fight – Will Ferrell

Shot in-character on set when Ferrell did his first-season stint as Ashley Schaeffer, whom we now know to be a sociopath of the highest order. I like comedy songs that function equally well as real songs, and vice versa. It’s a game of honor and diplomacy.

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