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  • Cousin Sal’s Pacquiao-Mayweather Prop Bets

    Hello, degenerate gamblers. Well, it’s here … Pacquiao/Mayweather Part 1. After almost a decade, these two were finally able to get it together and are prepared to offer the public the most anticipated fight since back in 1985, when half of Elwood Middle School emptied out to watch me and Billy Schmauch duke it out […]

  • Cousin Sal’s Super Bowl Prop Bets!

    Are you as excited about this weekend as Cousin Sal? Not a chance in hell.

  • Cousin Sal’s Championship Weekend Prop Bets!

    I’m still relatively hot, so join me as I move on to Championship Sunday with a great deal of overconfidence.

  • Cousin Sal’s Divisional Weekend Prop Bets!

    Divisional playoff prop bets … The Patriots OVER 28 points vs. the Ravens Fact: The divisional round is one in which the New England offense excels at home. Take a look at the last three years: 2014: 43 points vs Indy 2013: 41 points vs. Houston 2012: 45 points vs. Denver There … now it’s […]

  • Cousin Sal’s Wild-Card Weekend Prop Bets!

    Picking Andy Dalton to not throw an interception in an NFL playoff game is like picking a poisonous blackberry off a shrub and feeding it to your infant child.

  • Cousin Sal’s Week 16 Prop Bets!

    If you’re playing in your fantasy football finals and you have anyone in your starting lineup associated with this Jaguars-Titans game, you deserve to lose by 75 points.

  • Cousin Sal’s Week 15 Prop Bets!

    With looks at Larry Fitzgerald, blowouts, and Johnny Football.

  • Cousin Sal’s Week 14 Prop Bets!

    The over is 4-0 during the last quartet of Cowboys road games. The over has also cashed in 10 of the last 11 games in which the Bears are the underdog.

  • Cousin Sal’s Week 13 Prop Bets!

    Cousin Sal needs to gloat about how well he did last week, how good he is at betting, and the fact that he’s never been arrested for public urination.

  • Cousin Sal’s Week 12 Prop Bets!

    Make all the Derek Carr jokes you want, but statistically he hasn’t done a terrible job. In fact, Carr has gone over the 190.5 mark three times in the last four games.

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