The Great Big Lil B NYU Lecture Cheat Sheet

Last night at New York University, for 80 straight minutes, without assistance, an intermission, or even a pause, rapper/author/producer/director/historical online figure human being Lil B gave a lecture.

It’s impossible to truly explain what it was like to be a part of this event. Thankfully, the good people at The FADER have blessed the Internet with a full transcript, there is a full audio recording on Soundcloud, and there are some great quotes and video clips at Pitchfork, just to fully round out all of the non-taste-and-smell sense experiences.

Feeling the need to do my part, I saw the only missing aspect of the next-day review cycle was a list that categorized all of the points he made, beliefs he shared, and advice he gave. So while I highly suggest treating the full transcript and audio file as a joint experience, if you don’t have multiple hours to spare, here is a Lil B Lecture Cheat Sheet to hopefully give you a small sense of what took place.

Things Lil B loves

NYU, everyone in the audience, all things, animals, insects, tabby cats, the NYU staff, NYU students, NYU teachers, being alive, human beings, spreading love.

The audience composition, according to Lil B

Beautiful people, legends, historical human beings, the future, brave people, gorgeous people, models, rappers, students, positive people, people of a high class of honor.

Lil B’s hopes for the audience

They become family, live as long as possible, have a great life, have a healthy life, live a life full of fun, live a life full of adventure, live a life full of mystery, live a life full of trials and tribulations, that everyone is on the same wavelength.

The “old” Lil B

Generalizing, stereotyping, not always positive, too busy trying to be cool.

Lil B’s specialties

Love, spreading love.

Things Lil B is thankful for

The audience not judging him, the audience embracing him, the audience accepting him, the audience making him feel gorgeous, his car that gets him from point A to point B safely.

Things Lil B says people didn’t ask for

To be born, to be you, to have this skin, to live where you live.

Things that are real, to Lil B

Women, relationships, being together, real (because it recognizes real), integrity, loyalty, passion, friendship, honesty.

Things Lil B didn’t bring to the lecture

A pen, a pad, a speech.

Things Lil B did bring to the lecture

Himself, love, a beautiful quilt, a few of his rare books (with the positive DVD inside).

Things Lil B respects

Humans, women, others, ant colonies.

Things Lil B once had but gladly no longer has

Hood credibility, imaginary hood respect.

Things that are not honorable/need to stop, according to Lil B

Violence, senseless violence, picking on people, war, retaliation, only thinking about capital gains, gun violence, chemical warfare, biological warfare, hydraulic fracking, messing with the earth, littering.

Organization Lil B supports


Questions Lil B used to ask himself when he was younger

Am I walking weird? Is there something in my butt?

Lil B’s instructions for NYU students

Be positive, get past dwelling, don’t be hard on yourself, don’t stress too hard, pat yourself on the back, don’t just do something because your parents want you do be that, don’t be depressed anymore, don’t let other people put you in a box, believe in yourself, wash your hands, get gold teeth, protect Lil B.

Things Lil B claims to not know

Everything, what ants say to one another.

Thing Lil B is working hard to learn

What ants say to one another.

What Lil B says “black” means in the dictionary


Thing Lil B says we take for granted

Being alive.

The secret of life, according to Lil B

Look at people like they are golden, million-dollar babies.

Alternative career paths for Lil B

Neurosurgeon, someone who is into bugs.

Hardships Lil B has faced

Name calling, household ant problems.

Things Lil B thinks about on a daily basis

Car safety, seat belts.

Lil B’s stances

Animal adoption, being pro-caring.

Things one might think upon seeing Lil B

That he’s a baby, that he’s a little alien.

Thing Lil B feels when he goes to sleep


Things Lil B takes seriously

People, the Based God.

The thing Lil B really wants to know

Who built this building in which the lecture took place?

Things Lil B says you should listen to

The voices in your head, your gut feeling, your heart.

The thing Lil B finds quite amazing

The fact that you can physically raise your hand.

The thing Lil B is on the fence about

Running for president.

Lil B’s shout-outs and salutes

Jay-Z, everyone here to learn and love and find their way, white warrior blood cells, red blood cells, the brain, New York, Sam, the architects, anyone designing things, the generation, all of our kids who are going to be friends, Seb, the humans before us, The Pack, Mac Maine, Birdman, Drake.

The reason Lil B says people get infections

You’re writing a paper and then you wipe your butt and then you shake someone’s hand.

Things Lil B says we can’t judge

The rich, the homeless, the dog, the cat.

Lil B’s feelings on NYU

One of the best schools ever.

Why Lil B is excited about the future

Our kids, no boundaries, no color, no judgment, the fact that he’s making a city, being on TV every day, “a new song with the biggest artist on Earth,” his new rock album California Boy.

The most important thing, according to Lil B


Things Lil B is willing to do

Be vulnerable, be one of the most critiqued artists ever, die for the humans, die for positivity, be a role model.

The thing Lil B thinks is crazy to him

The fact that people call him the Based God, which he accepts, all the while knowing that he’s not the Based God, because the Based God is better than him.

Things Lil B says you should watch out for

The media, the industry, managers, fake managers, industry predators, sexual predators.

Thing Lil B says you can’t do

Write down love.

The definition of “based,” according to Lil B

“Shwoo, shwoo, shwoo.”

Lil B’s hobby

Painting (watercolors).

Person Lil B likes to imitate, which he is afraid he might get put in prison for

Mitt Romney.

Lil B’s thoughts on gray-haired older women

Congratulates them for “making it so far on earth.”

Thing Lil B will gladly do, because it’s the right thing to do

Pay taxes.

What Lil B considers to be “bilingual”

English, slang.

What happens when Lil B kisses your hand

It turns to gold.

I hope everything makes sense now.

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