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  • The Right Reasons

    Juliet and Jacoby wonder what Tom from ‘Vanderpump Rules’ DVRs, discuss why the ‘Housewives’ franchise can be a bummer, and eat some chocolate.

  • The Grantland NFL Podcast

    After detailing Thursday’s stunning upset win by the Raiders, the Grantland NFL Podcast gets its first game show while previewing Week 12.

  • NBA After Dark

    Chris, Andrew, and Juliet get excited about Bucks and Nick Young and are concerned for David Blatt.

  • Cheap Heat – Mike Tyson

    Mike Tyson joins the show! Oh, and Rosenberg and Shoemaker talk about this Sunday’s ‘Survivor Series’ PPV.

  • Rembert Explains – Jamilah Lemieux

    Rembert Browne and Ebony’s Jamilah Lemieux discuss fur coats, going back to Ferguson, and Bill Cosby.

  • Rembert Explains – Cord Jefferson

    Rembert Browne and writer Cord Jefferson discuss haircuts, Serial, the beauty of LinkedIn, and being out on Young Thug.

  • The Grantland NFL Podcast

    Bill and Bob open up the fantasy corner after running through the midweek news and recapping the rest of Week 11.

  • Do You Like Prince Movies?

    Alex and Wesley and special guest Juliet Litman break down the Jaden and Willow Smith Q&A that broke the Internet. Plus: the white-dad-rock charms of ‘Sonic Highways.’

  • Lorne Michaels

    ‘Saturday Night Live’ executive producer Lorne Michaels joins Bill Simmons to discuss the show’s ups and downs over the last 40 seasons.

  • Hollywood Prospectus

    Chris Ryan and Andy Greenwald talk Katherine Heigl and the future of television.

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