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  • Jalen Rose and David Jacoby return talking NFL preseason fights, LABron’s minutes diet, D. Wade’s work options, deadly punches, plus more of your Twitter and VM’s!!!!

  • Bill Barnwell Show: 'QB Tiers' with Mike Sando

    Bill is joined by ESPN’s Mike Sando to delve into his annual installment of “QB Tiers”, including among many others questions surrounding Jimmy Garoppolo and Kirk Cousins.

  • The Mae Young Classic

    Rosenberg is lost in Orlando after the Mae Young classic but that doesn’t stop him from a wonderful mailbag and some other notes as we head towards a big Summerslam week!

  • Jalen Rose is joined by Jadakiss, Amin Ellhassan and ESPN’s latest recruit NFL great Victor Cruz talking NFL Contracts, 7 lb. burgers, plus more of of your Twitter and VM’s!!!

  • Jalen Rose is joined by special In-studio guest Joesph Sikora talking POWER, Ohio State’s drama, Gilbert Arenas’ gun show, more Keep It Movin, plus your Twitter and VM’s!!!

  • Barnwell Show: Prop Bets with Sprow Part 2 & Clay Projections

    Bill is joined again by ESPN’s Chris Sprow in the second installment of prop bets for the 2018 NFL season, such as who will have the better record between the NFC rival Cowboys and Eagles (1:17). Plus, ESPN’s Mike Clay stops by to talk projections, including which skill position players will regress the most from last year and more (29:00)!

  • Jalen Rose is joined by guest Amin Ellhassan talking EA sports soft move, Dak’s sunken place, parents kissing mouth kiss, TO talkin’ canton, plus more Twitter and VM’s!!!

  • Barnwell Show: Prop bets on the 2018 NFL season Part 1

    Bill welcomes ESPN’s Chris Sprow to dive into some prop bets for the 2018 NFL season, including Saquon Barkley vs. every other non-first round rookie RB in TD’s (22:03), pass yards for Tom Brady vs. Jimmy Garoppolo (29:01), turnovers for Kirk Cousins vs. Case Keenum (48:35) and much more.

  • David Jacoby is joined by Ryen Russillo talking bet payoffs with pro athletes, EA sports apology, Cost Co. rumbles, Mickleson’s dance, plus more of your Twitter and VM’s!!!

  • HUGE Summerslam weekend announcement

    WOW. Maybe a top 10 episode. Random fun with Renee Young, a run-in from Bear the Dogg, a HUGE Summerslam weekend announcement, and a mailbag that will blow your mind!

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