July 25, 2014


Sports Movie or Not a Sports Movie?

Bill Simmons relies on four decades of experience to determine the difference between a sports movie and a rom-com (among other things)

No Brain, No Gain

Scarlett Johansson is inhuman again in ‘Lucy,’ while Dwayne Johnson is wasted in ‘Hercules.’

July 24, 2014


The All–Bad Contracts Team

Let’s break down the worst deals in the NFL and the five different ways to overpay someone

Knocked Out

Have romantic comedies become obsolete?

Donating Your Body to Sportswriting

Why do athletes like Mike Tyson, Lance Armstrong, and Pete Rose keep reliving their sins in the press?

Summer TV Mailbag!

Answers to your questions on 'Homeland,' 'Better Call Saul,' showrunners in the hot seat, and stars stuck on CBS

Don’t Call It a Lincecomeback

After two terrible seasons, erstwhile Giants ace Tim Lincecum seems to have emerged anew. But is he really back? And was he ever really gone?

July 23, 2014

Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman

The Mouth of the WWE

How did Paul Heyman become the biggest star in professional wrestling?

At Least One Real, Authentic Moment of Humanity With Cameron Diaz

Notes on a kinda-sorta awkward conversation with the fearless ‘other woman’ of rom-coms

30 for 30 Shorts: ‘The High Five’

Our latest film, from award-winning director Michael Jacobs, tells the story of a celebratory gesture and the tumultuous life of the man who made it happen

NFL Trade Value, Part 2

Bill Barnwell completes his ranking of pro football’s top 50 most valuable assets

July 22, 2014

Kanji "Antonio" Inoki

Wrestler, Statesman, Hostage Negotiator, Legend: The Life of Antonio Inoki

How the storied Japanese professional wrestler went on to influence diplomacy with North Korea, Iraq, and Pakistan — and fight Muhammad Ali and Ric Flair along the way

The Rom-Com Hall of Fame: Champions and Challengers

Weighing the candidacies of the all-timers, the almost-weres, and the Heigls of the genre

Career Arc: Tom Petty

Taking stock of the legendary rocker’s steady, stunning 40-year career

The Kings of Confusion

Sacramento’s delicate balance between rebuilding and winning now has left many wondering what its plan actually is

July 21, 2014

Cleveland Indians v Detroit Tigers

The Assembly Line

The makings of a proper pennant race emerge in Detroit, whether the Tigers' ace is ready or not

When ‘Harry’ Met ‘Annie’

How ‘When Harry Met Sally … ’ transformed Woody Allen’s formula and launched the golden rom-com era

The 30: Angels in the Outfield (and Bullpen)

The Angels are getting better from within and without; how about their recent trade partners in San Diego and their division rivals in Seattle?

NFL Trade Value, Part 1

Bill Barnwell delivers his annual ranking of pro football’s top 50 most valuable assets

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