July 31, 2014


Who Won the Month?

After 31 days of World Cup mania, NBA free agency insanity, and ape-tastic box office, we weigh in on the supreme champions of July 2014

Yadi’s Secret Sauce

Where does Yadier Molina’s true value lie? And what are the St. Louis Cardinals missing while their star catcher is hurt?

Hello? Who’s There? The NBA Celebrations Matrix!

The cool, the corny, the transcendent — from LeBron’s stomp to Caron’s phone call

The Mecca in Decline

Why doesn’t New York City produce elite NBA talent like it used to?

July 30, 2014


Why Can’t ‘The Killing’ Be Killed?

The reasons behind the return no one asked for

Figuring Out the Falcons

After a forgotten 4-12 season, can a revamped Atlanta return to the playoffs?

My Trip to NBA Scout School

A writer enrolls in a two-day seminar during NBA summer league and learns you have to be absolutely, insanely in love with basketball to survive the rigors of life as a professional scout

July 29, 2014


Spoon Feed the Beast

A great band reemerges, still great but now loaded with narrative to boot

All Work and No Play for J.J. Watt

Can the best defensive player in the NFL get even better? The Texans’ superstar is sure going to try.

Kyle Korver: An Offense Unto Himself

How the Hawks sharpshooter became one of the most uniquely valuable players in the NBA

July 28, 2014

Texas Rangers v New York Yankees

The Beginning and the End of History

An old Yankee awaits the end of his journey, while a young Blue Jay embarks upon his own

The 30: Center of Attention

The red-hot Rays headline a group of four teams that could shape this year’s trade deadline

The Geniuses Behind ‘Sharknado’

An inside look at The Asylum, the production company that makes all of those badass Syfy movies, including this week’s ‘Sharknado’ sequel

Don’t Dismiss Texas

New coach, new scheme, and a little less bad luck should have Houston looking better than most people think

July 25, 2014


Sports Movie or Not a Sports Movie?

Bill Simmons relies on four decades of experience to determine the difference between a sports movie and a rom-com (among other things)

No Brain, No Gain

Scarlett Johansson is inhuman again in ‘Lucy,’ while Dwayne Johnson is wasted in ‘Hercules.’

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