September 30, 2014


Dreaming of Jollywood

How Israel did not become the new adopted home of American TV

September 24, 2014

Mackey Sasser follows the ball

30 for 30 Shorts: ‘Fields of Fear’

Our latest film, from award-winning filmmaker Alex Gibney, tells the story of how a mental trauma can take the game away from a professional athlete

September 23, 2014


Wedded Blitz! The Ides of Maine

In August, you really need to bring your society A-game if you want any chance of getting into the ‘New York Times’ "Vows" section

You Can Count on Me

Kyle Lowry’s career-long search for trust

September 17, 2014

shavarsh trolleybus 1_REVISE

The Plunge

The incredible story of Shavarsh Karapetyan, a Soviet swimming champion who dove into Armenia’s Lake Yerevan and saved dozens of lives from a sinking trolleybus nearly 40 years ago

Together We Make Football

On the NFL’s dark, intractable history of domestic violence

September 16, 2014


Can TNA Get Over?

Rumors have swirled about the demise of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. Is this the end for the company? And will professional wrestling ever support two major promotions again?

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