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Traveling Man

Will free agency lead Thomas Robinson to his NBA home?

The Magic Behind Mike

Reid Carolin was going to make thoughtful documentaries about veterans and war-torn nations — then he met a former stripper named Channing Tatum and helped him put his life onscreen. Now they’re one of Hollywood’s smartest young duos.

Girls in Trucks

In 2015, female country artists are stymied by the radio industrial complex at a stunning rate. Why is the genre so bro-centric? And can it ever change?

June 22 - June 28, 2015


‘She’d Be Hella Proud’

Terran Petteway’s mother died of cancer in April. The NBA prospect will honor her on draft night whether a team selects him or not

Dumber Than Your Average Bear

Seth MacFarlane reaches new lows with ‘Ted 2’

June 15 - June 21, 2015


Overnight Success

With an uproarious sex comedy and an unnerving thriller, Patrick Brice is making his feature directorial debut — twice in the same day — and unexpectedly showing the way forward for how we watch movies now

God Loves Cleveland … or … Golden State

Experiencing the ecstasy of two long-tortured basketball fan bases, both with a chance to win this year’s NBA championship

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