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  • Hollywood prospectus

    Chris Ryan and Andy Greenwald talk romantic comedies, ‘You’re the Worst,’ and ‘The Leftovers.’

  • Jalen and Jacoby

    Jalen and Jacoby talk about the implications of Emmanuel Mudiay’s decision to play overseas and Marshawn Lynch’s decision to put velvet ropes around his Lamborghini.

  • The Moment with Brian Koppelman

    Filmmaker Jake Kasdan (‘Sex Tape,’ ‘Bad Teacher’) on directing ‘Freaks and Geeks,’ his love of comedy, and connecting to the legacy of his legendary father, Lawrence Kasdan.

  • Wesley Morris and Juliet Litman

    Bill Simmons talks with Wesley Morris and Juliet Litman about actors and actresses who should have been great romantic-comedy stars.

  • The Jonah Keri Podcast

    Jonah Keri talks to Sam Miller of Baseball Prospectus about the Dodgers and NL pennant races, and to MLB.com’s Jason Beck about the Tigers and trade rumors.

  • Jalen and Jacoby

    Jalen Rose and David Jacoby talk Kevin Love, LeBron James, midseason tournaments, Lance Stephenson, and, of course, crab legs.

  • The Right Reasons

    David Jacoby and Juliet Litman talk about ‘The Bachelorette’ and taste-test four new potato chip flavors from Lays.

  • Cheap Heat

    The guys are joined by writer Dion Beary, wrestlers MVP and Gail Kim, and Ernest Estime to talk about race in WWE.

  • Girls in Hoodies

    Molly and Emily talk about Kim Kardashian’s app game, Bong Joon-ho’s ‘Snowpiercer,’ Brooklyn, and Calabasas.

  • Do You Like Prince Movies?

    Special guest Rembert Browne joins Alex and Wesley to discuss ‘Paula,’ Robin Thicke’s restraining-order-worthy anti-masterpiece.

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