October 24, 2014

Grantland Reality TV Fantasy League: MTV Is Going to Drag Some Skeletons Out of the ‘Real World’ Closet

Last season, ‘Real World’ took a real risk: It opted out of the “seven strangers picked to live in a house” model, dubbed the season ‘Real World: Ex-Plosion,’ and had the seven strangers’ exes move into the house. It worked really well. Well, this season has another twist in the traditional format.

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‘Constantine’ Preview: NBC Tries to Bring Some Unholy Fire to Friday Night

For 30 years, John Constantine has served as a necessary corrective to ghost story orthodoxy. When things go bump in the night, he bumps right back. The DC Comics stalwart burst out of the pages of Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing in 1984 and has remained virtually unchanged ever since. He’s a loutish, English, chain-smoking “occult […]

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October 23, 2014

The Worst That Could Happen: ‘Southcliffe,’ ‘Gracepoint,’ and the Bad-News Relay

There are only so many times you can watch someone have the worst day of their lives.

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Perry’s Complaint: Likable Unlikability and the Acidic Charms of ‘Listen Up Philip’

The film appears at first to be yet another novelistic character study about a self-involved man. Then it changes course.

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The Week in Gossip: The Five Stages of Accepting Renée Zellweger’s Face

Plus Ariana Grande’s new religion, Blake Griffin’s Vegas barfight, Melissa Rivers’s massive inheritance, and more from this week’s tabloid roundup.

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My Trip to Fox’s ‘Utopia,’ Just Another Struggling California Commune

The pioneers of Fox’s troubled reality show are just the newest iteration of an ancient problem. You can’t just fully separate from society. At least not yet. And if cancellation really does come knocking on its door soon, how will the Utopia pioneers adjust to suddently being sent back into the real world?

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Hotel Party: Speaking With Laura Poitras About Her Startling Edward Snowden Documentary ‘Citizenfour’

Hanging with the whistleblower for the eight days he was effectively trapped in Hong Kong.

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Girls in Hoodies Podcast: ‘Birdman,’ Lana Del Rey, ‘Utopia,’ and Taylor Swift

Molly and Emily discuss ‘Birdman,’ Lana Del Rey’s Hollywood Forever show, Molly’s trip to Fox’s ‘Utopia,’ and, as always, Taylor Swift.

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Lightning Round: The First ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ Trailer Is Here, Earlier Than Expected

Our reactions to the Hulkbuster armor, the first appearance of the Spaderbot, and creeping superhero fatigue.

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