Afternoon Links: Stephen Colbert Profiles Beloved, Kindhearted, America-Destroying Mayor Johnny Cummings

One of the best features of The Colbert Report is the “People Destroying America” segment, and the video above is a prime example. Johnny Cummings is the mayor (and hairdresser) of a small town in Kentucky called Vicco, and he’s openly gay (and openly awesome). His townsfolk love him, testifying to the Colbert reporters that “he’s made everything better” in Vicco, something he accomplished in part by passing a law that prohibits discrimination based on sexual preference. His sole detractor seems to be a pastor, whose objections are overshadowed by all the love Cummings gets from the rest of his Viccoans (Vicconians?). Luckily, “he’s got the law on his side”: He’s so popular, he’s best friends with the local law enforcement.

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