Watch Mario Balotelli Score His Goal Against Germany … Before It Even Happened!

Italian forward Mario Balotelli You may know Anthony Richardson from his CPUvsCPU YouTube videos, many of which we have featured on Grantland Dot Com Backslash Blog Backslash The Dash Triangle before. But I bet you didn’t know Anthony was psychic. Yeah, that’s an absolutely true story. It took me extra long to type because I have one hand on a Holy Bible. I swear. Don’t believe me? Just check out this playthrough Anthony and the CPUvsCPU gang posted earlier today, predicting Italy and Germany’s Euro 2012 semifinal. (Some language here not for the faint of heart.)

Yeah, not only did he get the score right, 2-1, in favor of Italy, but he called the Last Italian Virgin Mario Balotelli’s two goals. Get in! Follow Anthony and CPUvsCPU on Twitter, subscribe to the clips on YouTube and give him all your money because he can see into the future and likely make prudent investments.

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