Vince Wilfork’s Family Has a Robot That Cleans Their House

This popped up on the YouTubes right as I was beginning my several-week eggnog bender, so thank you to reader Brian from scenic Corvallis, Oregon, for bringing this to my attention. Now, last time we checked in on a great moment in local advertising, we were marveling at Joe Flacco’s Pizza Hut jersey and wondering if the wearing of such a garment eliminated any chance the Ravens QB had at winning a Super Bowl. This time around, I’m on the other side of the predicting fence. Behold (above) Vince Wilfork, his adorable family, and his robot house cleaner Roomba, a work of commerce and art that will probably secure the Patriots the Vince Lombardi trophy.

In terms of athletes acting in local advertisements, this is basically A Few Good Men, and is up there with Michael Vick’s Woodbury Nissan commercial as one of the greatest acted local ads I have ever seen. The only problem with this clip is how little Bianca Wilfork features. This is probably due to the notoriously opinionated lady needing more time to send withering text messages to Tom Brady about his on-field performances.

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