Trend Watch: Dunking on Dudes

On Monday night, Blake Griffin dunked so hard on Kendrick Perkins that the Mayan apocalypse was called off. So emboldened were some NBA players with this new lease on life that they too decided to start dunking on the skulls of their peers, so as to bring about more Armageddon-halting joy. I know that people have been dunking on each other since the mid-16th century, but it’s getting very intense out there.

Cleveland’s Alonzo Gee, who is my favorite ever ex-Asseco Prokom Gdynia player, definitely made Chris Wilcox consider going back to Maryland to get a master’s in protecting his face, with this dunk Tuesday night:

It’s like he’s on an elevator and he gets off on the third floor and he’s like, “Yo, this is not my floor,” and then gets back on the elevator and goes to the fifth floor. And dunks it. On Chris Wilcox. (Shout out to the live soundtrack of Chris Brown’s “Look at Me Now.” If Flocka had been playing the Earth’s core would have broken.)

Deron Williams’ jam against the Pacers is maybe more impressive due to the height difference between the Nets guard and Roy Hibbert.

Here’s the thing, though: Does Williams get this one off if Hibbert isn’t worried about his face-mask-protected grill? It’s January, man (or, at least it was on Tuesday); I believe the new CBA states that January is way too early to get your face broken by Deron Williams.

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