The Miami Marlins Facebook Page Is Full of Struggle and Fury

Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images Miami Marlins fans

I was just wondering the other day how Miami Marlins fans were taking the Great American Baseball Fire-Sale of 2012. Maybe they were all like, “It’s cool. You have to game the system any way you can. We paid our tax money so that we could have a nice place to sit in the sun during the mild, Miami summer. Having a competitive baseball team never really entered the equation. We’re just there to work on our tans and think about the wonderful Dubstep we’ll hear that night in South Beach watering holes.”

But, no, they’re not like that.

The Miami Marlins Facebook page came to our attention, via a reader named Ray from lovely Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. It features your run-of-the-mill offseason posts: various Miami Marlins doing good deeds, some random, Marlins-sponsored events. Nothing out of the ordinary. What is out of the ordinary (though, when you think about it, totally expected) IS THE GREAT AND FURIOUS ANGER of the Miami Marlins fans, as exhibited in the comments section.

For example, in a post about the somewhat sparsely attended SBS Toy Distribution that took place at the very expensive (to Miami residents) Marlins Park, which boasted about toys being given out to the community, and a free concert, Marlins fans had this to say:

  • “It’s not free … it cost the city Plenty!!”
  • “They had promised Xbox games for the kids. But Loria traded the games to Toronto for some hula hoops and old candy.”
  • “They better warn the marlin players not to stand around in one spot too long, or they will be sold, or given away.”
  • “Haha! That’s right men, damage control bribe the masses!”
  • “What they should have given away was tickets for next season. That way you’ll have a few people at the games.”
  • In a post about acquisition of young prospects Alfredo Silverio and Braulio Lara, the Marlins fans unloaded, thusly:

    • “They are going to lose 140 games”
    • “Don’t buy any houses down here new guys! Just letting you know!”
    • “Like if anybody cares anymore.”
    • “Garbage! Garbage! Garbage! Garbage!”
    • Not even a good cause like supporting cancer research can take the venom out of the Marlins fans’ bite (not that it necessarily should, mind you). In a post about Marlins memorabilia being auctioned to benefit Stand Up 2 Cancer, Marlins fans were not moved:

      • “standup2cancer. standup2loria.”
      • “loria trying to clean up his bad pr.”
      • “Youre worst than the Mets!”
      • “I am going to stand up to government instead. DECRIMINALIZE CANNABIS!!”
      • How do you feel now, Jeffrey Loria? You’re driving people to legalize drugs.

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