Steve Nash Is Making Movie-Trailer Parodies

Steve Nash has been making parodies of movie trailers. Seems like a fine way to spend your summer. There is one about Batman being fat …

And there is another that is a parody of The Godfather, which consists of Nash eating a lot of grapes and “imitating” Brando (and by “imitating” I mean he’s eating a lot of grapes).

My “favorite” is The Bourne Legacy spoof, which not only compares the Lakers to a black-ops government kill squad but puts all its chips on a prostate exam joke at the end of the clip.

This is not the result of some random night where a guy threw a beer to Steve Nash out of a moving vehicle and the next thing you knew the new Lakers guard made a bunch of parody clips.

These videos were written and directed by Nash, himself, as part of his “Nash, Camera, Action” series on YouTube. Welcome to Los Angeles, Steve! You’re going to fit right in.

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