Let’s Watch Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Punch Kent Benson in the Face

I received this video of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar punching Kent Benson in the face the other day in an e-mail, and kind of forgot about it. Then last night Kevin Garnett and Kris Humphries got into a tussle, in what was battle number whatever in the siege between Kris and ALL THE DUDES ON THE CELTICS. This beef has history. We all remember this from back in November, right?

After that game, Garnett had this jewel of a quote to say about Humphries: “When you watch film on the dude, he’s always extra … Dude’s always been known to be out of control. He’s always tried to play the tough guy or whatever role you want to do it. It was a little extra, but it comes with the territory and it comes with the game … I guess they’re trying to hold up to the whole Brooklyn mentality.” Brooklyn. Kris Humphries. Sure.

Anyway, I just thought it was funny, watching all the “Hold me back!” acting happening on the court Wednesday night. The top video here shows Kent Benson getting his face turned into tenderized steak by Kareem, IN HIS FIRST NBA GAME. Benson, a no. 1 draft pick, broke his jaw. Kareem broke his hand. On this guy’s grill. They sure don’t make them like they used to (and by “them,” I mean insane criminal acts on the basketball court). I guess, for this alone, Kris Humphries should count himself lucky. Honestly, I am just looking for an excuse to post the Kareem vid.

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