I Don’t Believe in Miracles; I Believe in Jordan Crawford and Kent Bazemore

I know the the Blazers’ announcing team of Mike Barrett and Mike Rice are trying to keep their enthusiasm for the visiting Wizards to a minimum, but come on, you called the shot before it happened, then it happened; you might as well bask in the Kreskin-like glory.

Earlier last night, on the same coast, my favorite burgeoning rivalry in the NBA went another round, with the Warriors coming from behind to beat the Clippers. On January 2, the Warriors announced just how for real they were, and just how unfazed they were by the Clippers’ high-flying, trash-talking reputation, beating Los Angeles, 115-94, in Oakland. The Clippers then put on an old-fashioned air show back at Staples on the 15th, razing the Warriors, 115-89. A lot of the chippiness in the rivalry centers on Blake Griffin, his inability to hit water from a boat, and the Warriors bench players’ reactions to said shooting woes. Just check out your man, Kent Bazemore — who is in fact not a character name in Anchorman — as he reeeeeeeallly sells his reaction to Blake’s air-balled 3-point attempt.

Sadly, we won’t get to see these teams play each other again unless they get matched up in the playoffs. Oh, man, let’s hope they get matched up in the playoffs.

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