Hand Down, Man Down, Lin Down

Jeremy Lin FansWere you at all wondering what Golden State coach Mark Jackson thinks about former Golden State Warriors guard Jeremy Lin? Do you think Mark Jackson would rather have Lin over his current point guard, Steph Curry? Do you want to hear what Mark Jackson has to say about all this? Well, Mark Jackson thinks you should just drink your latte and maybe shut the hell up about Jeremy Lin for a hot second. Via Sports Radio Interviews:

“He’s playing with great confidence and is not afraid of the moment. That’s one thing I knew coming in. He was a guy that would compete and get after it. I’m happy for him because at the end of the day we have a point guard in Steph Curry. I was at Starbucks yesterday and a guy asked me about Jeremy Lin and Steph Curry and I asked him who was a better player. He paused and because he took the pause I just told him thank you, have a great day. Enjoy your cup of coffee.”

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