Cool Diagnostic Technique, Dr. James Andrews

Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post via Getty Images Dr. James Andrews

“Coach Shanahan didn’t lie about it, and I didn’t lie … I didn’t get to examine [Griffin’s knee] because he came out for one play, didn’t let us look at him and on the next play, he ran through all the players and back out onto the field. Coach Shanahan looks at me like, ‘Is he OK?’ and I give him the ‘Hi’ [sic] sign as in, ‘He’s running around, so I guess he’s OK.’ But I didn’t get to check him out until after the game. It was just a communication problem. Heat of battle. I didn’t get to tell him I didn’t get to examine the knee. Mike Shanahan would never have put him out there at risk just to win a game.” — The Washington Post

Don’t get me wrong, the next time I shred my ACL bending over for a Pop-Tart, I’m going straight to this guy to get my knee fixed. But is giving someone the high sign really … like really? I gave the high sign?! You’re the most respected doctor outside of Princeton-Plainsboro! Hi! Hello!

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