YouTube Hall of Fame: Big Momma’s House Trailer

This week, in honor of Leonardo DiCaprio’s performance as an old guy in J. Edgar, and Adam Sandler’s as his own sister in Jack and Jill, Grantland’s YouTube Hall of Fame is remembering the best, worst, and least explicable movie-star physical transformations ever.

The concept of Big Momma’s House is that Martin Lawrence goes undercover as Nia Long’s grandmother in hopes of tracking down Long’s criminal ex-boyfriend. I only saw it once (in the theater, of course) so I can’t remember all the details. According to Wikipedia, Long and Big Momma are estranged — but how long would you need to have not seen your grandmother in order to believe she like Martin Lawrence in a crappy fat suit? A billion years? But here’s the thing: despite all that, this movie is almost as good as Lawrence’s 1999 movie Blue Streak. Exhibit A: Paul Giamatti is in it, and he acts the same way he does in his other movies, even though he’s in Big Momma’s House. Exhibit B: This exchange, at the one-minute mark:

    Long: “Oh Big Momma, I thought you may have forgotten all about me.”

    Big Momma: [hugs Long, surreptitiously checking her out] “Oh no, Big Momma could never forget that ass …” [Long makes face] “…ma! Asthma!

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