Watch Some Folks at the Gym Pretend They Don’t Know Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Wearing a Funny Disguise

You never want to be the guy who’s always walking into the room and ripping down the I WANT TO BELIEVE poster or knocking the deboned dove out of a magician’s sleeve, but sometimes the only sane reaction to a viral video like this one is: Every single person in that gym knows that they are being playfully harassed by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Maybe they’re wondering, Why is Arnold Schwarzenegger running around in Danny Trejo drag? Or, Am I in a weird Expendables 3 DVD blooper reel? Or even possibly, Arnold Schwarzenegger is a terrible personal trainer, I should be getting a higher quality of service out of my Gold’s membership. But we can all agree that no one is asking themselves, Who is this strange, extravagantly accented man who’s suddenly so interested in my workout? That did not happen. This dove has no bones in it. (Aliens are real.)

On the bright side: We can dream about a Twins reboot where Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Trejo play brothers. We didn’t come away from this with nothing.

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