Tom Cruise Is Impossible, Again

Tom CruiseThe last time around for Ethan Hunt seemed like good-bye. The good folks behind the Mission: Impossible franchise gave the fourth installment a big clunky subtitle — Ghost Protocol — to differentiate it from the last few, and then appeared to be grooming Jeremy Renner to take over. But, as we all should have learned a long time ago, you cannot kill Tom Cruise. Ghost Protocol raked in nearly $700 million worldwide, the best a Cruise movie has ever done, and now Tommy’s been invited back once more. As Deadline reports, Cruise is confirmed for Mission: Impossible 5. (No word on who else will be onboard, or who’s directing, although Deadline speculates it’ll be Christopher McQuarrie, who did Jack Reacher with Cruise.) Now, I know it’s early in the process, and all kinds of titles are still going to be kicked around. But out of respect for all the man has done for the franchise — and the fact that he’ll probably keep on churning these out until the sun burns out or his legs fall off, whichever comes first — maybe they can name this one Mission: Impossible — Tom Cruise?

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