Tina Fey Brings Back Sarah Palin Because James Lipton Asked Nicely

I remember hearing Tina Fey say something along the lines that the reason she didn’t stand on camera side-by-side with Sarah Palin when the esteemed former governor appeared on Saturday Night Live was that she knew that one photo — Tina as Palin, with Palin as Palin — would be the one they’d use for her obituary. But in the nearly five years since she was trotting out the impersonation on the regs, the Tina/Sarah connection has died down to the point where, when James Lipton asked her on Inside the Actors Studio to revive the ol’ gal, Fey was actually down. Lipton interviewed Fey in character for a few minutes, and almost got aggy a couple of times. (Let it be known that James Lipton does not abide Sarah Palin-via-Tina Fey’s political opinions!) Meanwhile, Fey played ball superbly, improv-ing perfectly daffy answers. On gun control: “I believe that if everybody had guns, then there would be fewer guns in the stores.” On same-sex marriage: “Well, the Bible says it’s gross.” Yeah, Tina Fey probably just opened herself up to six more months of people coming up to her at parties and asking for a “You betcha!” But it was worth it.

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