The Wolf of Wall Street Trailer: Merry Greedmas From Leo, Jonah, Marty, and the Boys

It seems that hanging out in baseball front offices while Brad Pitt put on his usual master class in snacking served Jonah Hill well. He’s really learned how to eat: He looks totally comfortable sitting beside Leonardo DiCaprio, ordering all the scenery on the menu and running up a 26-grand bill because fuck you, it’s going on the company’s Oscar Nominees Club Card. That’s how Jo-Jo rolls now, tucking in to a decadent meal with Leo, trying out an accent so outrageous Ryan Gosling just woke up in a cold sweat and fired his inexplicable-dialect coach. You get the feeling he knows he belongs, that Seth Rogen’s last 10 calls asking if Jonah wants to fellate Beelzebub again have gone straight to voice mail, because you gotta keep the line clear for Marty and Quentin.

So we guess that’s where we are with this, talking about Hill and his mismatched-panel Oxford and his Acme Fun Teeth while DiCaprio’s running around like his hair’s on fire and the only way to put it out is to smother it with an Oscar. That’s a clinic in scene-stealing. Bring Mr. Hill a brighter sweater for his shoulders, he thinks Leo’s flaming head is starting to pull focus.

The Wolf of Wall Street arrives on Christmas Day. It was touch-and-go for a minute, with whispers of a three-hour cut and a move to next year, but Paramount has officially confirmed the date, so it’s safe to finalize your holiday family-abandonment plans. There’s no way you’re wasting Christmas with the kids when you can be celebrating with the guys in the boiler room.

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