The Right Reasons Podcast: The Challenge, Eat, Drink, Love, and the Below Deck Reunion

Diem and Aneesa on The ChallengeDiem. Dee-um. Diem! This week’s Challenge brought us a lot of Diem Brown drama, and we did not shy away from it. We covered everything from Diem’s deliberation dress to Johnny’s breaking of the fourth wall for the viewer’s benefit. After that, we returned to the Bravo well. What makes Eat, Drink, Love so incredibly watchable? As we tried to figured this out, Juliet revealed her three favorite foods and Jacoby admitted to his new reality TV crush. And as always, we cover our weird watches (Bad Girls Club, The Great Australian Bake Off), the news (with requisite Lamar Odom update), and our non-reality-TV news of the week (have you heard of 2 Chainz?). Enjoy!

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