The Oscars Just Got a Little More Avengers-y

As in — the cast of The Avengers was just announced as presenters at this year’s Oscars (Sunday! February 24! On ABC!) Why? Well, in the spirit of the continued MTV Movie Awards-ification of the Academy Awards, why not have the dudes from the third biggest movie of all time show up at your party? Also, Seth MacFarlane is hosting, which, roughly speaking, means the only way the Oscars could get under the impressively diminutive “low-brow mass-market appeal” bar they’ve set for themselves this year would be to open the show with Spuds MacKenzie simultaneously high-fiving Andrew Dice Clay and Vince ShamWow while, below them, the nerd from the Bar Refaeli Super Bowl ad sits on all fours sloppily munching down an XL plate of day-old nachos from Detroit Metro Airport’s Chili’s Express.

That said: The Avengers’ cast actually has all kinds of Oscar cred to its name: Robert Downey Jr. was nominated for Chaplin and Tropic Thunder, Samuel L. Jackson was nominated for Pulp Fiction, Mark Ruffalo was nominated for The Kids Are All Right, Jeremy Renner was nominated for The Hurt Locker and The Town. And Chris Evans, of course … um, Chris Evans was in The Perfect Score.

But why is Scarlett Johansson not slated to appear? Well, Scarlett Johansson, presumably, is too busy doing the most fancy-actor thing of all: theater.

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