The Happiest DJ In The World

Think about the most amazing time you’ve ever had in your life. One single moment of pure, ecstatic celebration. Focus on what that felt like. Now double that feeling. Now double it again. You’re still not even close to the ridiculous joy that the Happiest DJ in the World is experiencing in this video.

Now, when I first saw this, I had the same thought you did: Clearly, this man is on drugs. Serious drugs. Some Internet sleuthing, however, suggests that amazingly, he’s sober. And even more shocking… he’s German. Whaaa?

I honestly didn’t know that God made euphoric Germans, but here we are. Christian Horst, aka “DJ Der Guten Laune” (“DJ In Good Spirits,” natch), was captured on video a year ago at a wedding reception in Southern Germany and became not only an instant Internet sensation, but a straight-up German celebrity. In an interview found online, Mr. Good Spirits dispels any notion that pharmaceuticals play a part in his “I’m so pumped up I must remove my reading glasses immediately!” celebrations. He says that the “situation and the music is my drug,” a cocktail he calls, no joke, “Selfdope.”

Whatever it is, I want it in a pill and I want it now.

Krister Johnson is a comedian and writer in New York. Follow him on twitter @kristerjohnson

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