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  • In Memoriam, Part One: Kim Jong Il — Pop Culture Figure

    I have spent a good portion of my adult life indulging a kind of ironic obsession with Kim Jong Il. It was a preoccupation that went beyond the normal Western enjoyment of his large glasses, weird outfits, and unique ability to stare quizzically at things. I read books. I pored over New York Times articles. […]

  • The Happiest DJ In The World

    Think about the most amazing time you’ve ever had in your life. One single moment of pure, ecstatic celebration. Focus on what that felt like. Now double that feeling. Now double it again. You’re still not even close to the ridiculous joy that the Happiest DJ in the World is experiencing in this video. Now, […]

  • Henry’s Kitchen Part 2: How to Make Henry’s Anytime Chili for One

    There just aren’t many videos out there whose first five seconds can cause both an explosion of laughter and a wave a sadness to crash over me, but comedian Henry Phillips’ second episode of his “Henry’s Kitchen” series does just that.  As the mournful piano soundtrack lumbers through its minor chord progression and a pair […]