Henry’s Kitchen Part 2: How to Make Henry’s Anytime Chili for One

There just aren’t many videos out there whose first five seconds can cause both an explosion of laughter and a wave a sadness to crash over me, but comedian Henry Phillips’ second episode of his “Henry’s Kitchen” series does just that.  As the mournful piano soundtrack lumbers through its minor chord progression and a pair of meaty paws struggle clumsily to cut an onion, you know immediately you are about to watch the saddest, loneliest, more regret-filled cooking demonstration ever.  Are we watching fiction?  Should someone check on the real Henry to make sure things are ok? This feels too real. Oh, and the recipe looks terrible, but I’d eat Henry’s chili five nights a week if I could guarantee many more videos like this.

Krister Johnson is a comedian and writer in New York. Follow him on twitter @kristerjohnson

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