The Girls Season 2 Trailer Has Arrived

It’s always difficult to remember exactly what’s transpired on a series without the help of one of those “Previously On” packages, but just going into this cold, when we last saw Girls:

    • Hannah broke up with Adam for being too crazy,
    • Marnie broke up with Charlie for being too nice.
    • Jessa surprise-married — Oh. My. God. I. Can’t. Even. Still. — Chris O’Dowd’s character, whatever his name was, the one who botched a perfectly good three-way by worrying about a wine stain on his expensive rug, like that would ever happen!
    • David Mamet’s daughter (Why are we so bad at character names? If only there were a place to look that stuff up. Shoshanna) was devirginized by Ray, good for her.
    • Adam rode a bike.

So here we are, all caught up and semi-adequately prepared for the just-released trailer for Season 2 to thrust us right back into the center of the Girls-iverse. And the clip’s a relief: It looks like we’re picking up right where we left off, and that Lena Dunham’s not shifting her focus to the ports to track how her black-market red velvets get from the streets to the bathtub: Adam’s retained his shirtless borderline sociopathy, Hannah’s going to wear at least one mesh-based garment that makes everyone uncomfortable before she backslides into bed with him, Shoshanna’s about to explore her blossoming carnality (but not in a demeaning way), and Marnie’s finally going to fall for Jorma Taccone’s naughty Jedi mind tricks, which we all saw coming after that “I’m a man and I know how to do sex” business last year. If you were onboard for the first season, this teaser is probably going to make you happy. If you weren’t, well, there are probably other, more hard-hitting examinations of the far-reaching impact of the cupcake game out there for you.

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