Songs of the Week: The xx, Domo Genesis, Refused, JJAMZ, and Rick Ross and His Famous Friends

Rick Ross feat. Jay-Z and Dr. Dre, “3 Kings”

To complete the implicit analogy between this new track from Ross’s God Forgives, I Don’t and David O. Russell’s early classic Three Kings: Jay-Z is obviously George Clooney, Dr. Dre is probably Ice Cube, and so Ross is Mark Wahlberg? And Gunplay can be Spike Jonze?

Miguel Street, “Call Me Maybe”

Heems from Das Racist and his Greedhead signee Big Baby Ghandi team up as Miguel Street, which is also the name of curmudgeonly literary giant V. S. Naipaul’s hilarious semi-autobiographical novel about life in Trinidad. Then they rap over Carly Rae Jepsen about ladies whose asses are so nice they can “change the world.” And you know what? I’d like to think V.S. — who, according to his biography, had a mistress who sent him drawings of his penis wearing “sunglasses and a lime-green cowboy hat” — would approve.

The xx, “Angels”

Isn’t it strange how much of a choke-hold zombies and vampires have on the mythical creature/pop culture crossover game? Isn’t it time angels made some inroads? The problem is, angels aren’t cool or scary. OK then: Time for a dark origin-story retelling, or some kind of Lucifer-fallen-angel blockbuster thing! You’re welcome, Hollywood.

Faith No More, “N—– in Paris”

What’s more awkward? The weird clapping/hand motions? Or the use of the N-word? Probably the latter, huh?

Domo Genesis feat. Earl Sweatshirt, Vince Staples & Action Bronson, “Elimination Chamber”

So, food-obsessed rapper Action Bronson has a bit in here about how he has sex with women and then they make him chicken with broccoli, which leads us to the amusing YouTube comment of the day, from mrmysterio619: “To be honest, Action Bronson doesn’t seem like the type to eat broccoli chicken.” Is mrmysterio619 saying chicken with broccoli sounds too healthy for the notably portly Bam Bam Bronson’s tastes? Or is mrmysteriou619 suggesting that Bam Bam Bronson’s rapping and outward persona suggest he’d prefer a different dish after lovemaking? Perhaps a fried egg, or a nice Crêpe Suzette?

Refused, “New Noise”

When Swedish punk band Refused reunited earlier this year after more than a decade on the sidelines, they released a message explaining themselves that in part reflected on the “psychopathic intensity that we would deliver on a nightly basis in our post-pubescent prime.” Well, check ’em out on Fallon. No longer so post-pubescent; still pretty psycho intense, though. Much respect.

Lil Wayne feat. Big Sean, “My Homies Still”

As far as “there goes the neighborhood” rap videos, this thing doesn’t belong in the same room as Diddy’s “Bad Boy For Life.” Ben Stiller cameo >>>>>> pink elephant.

Jack White, “Freedom at 21”

Good to see Jack White enjoying this whole solo thing.

JJAMZ, “Heartbeat”

JJAMZ is an L.A. band featuring some folks from some acts you might know, including Rilo Kiley drummer Jason Boesel and Phanton Planet front man Alex Greenwald. Alex Greenwald was also one of the two bullies in Donnie Darko, alongside … Seth Rogen! First person to work this tidbit into conversation organically and then send me proof as to its inclusion gets a free Grantland tote bag. You gotta pay for shipping, though.

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