Songs of the Week: Beck Gives, Solange Loves, Deltron Melds, Uncle Murda Wu Wuu Wuus

Nirvana, “Heart Shaped Box”

Happy 20th anniversary of In Utero week! Here’s some newly released MTV live footage from Kurt and the boys shredding in Seattle in ’93. OK, serious question: What’s been more impressive over these past few decades: Dave Grohl’s continued rock-star relevance? Or the unstoppable abundance of his follicles?

Solange, “Lovers in the Parking Lot”

With the new video for this True EP highlight, Solange proves one thing: If this whole “Queen of PBR&B” thing hadn’t worked out, she could have had herself a very lucrative career as a YouTube star whose whole thing is dancing evocatively through flea markets. Also: What up, Bun B Baryshnikov!

Katy Perry feat. Juicy J, “Dark Horse”

Molly Lambert, on this new Katy Perry album: “I’ll hold my breath and clutch a velvet choker in hopes that second single ‘Dark Horse’ will deliver the witchy factor that ‘Roar’ promised in its promos, but it looks like Perry’s new era may turn out to be not so different from her last one.” And you know what? This one is a bit sadder! Who knows if that’s just another aberration, à la Teenage Dream‘s “Circle the Drain,” or a true indication of the “plumbing of dark depths” to come. But, for now, our hopes for a Katy Perry dark wave album live on.

Avicii feat. Adam Lambert and Nile Rodgers, “Lay Me Down”

As you may recall, superstar Swede Avicii got into it with GQ magazine earlier this year when a profile by writer Jessica Pressler portrayed him as something of an insanely well-compensated DJ’ing dilettante. Well, this week saw the release of True, Avicii’s first studio album of original music and, one might assume, his first true statement of purpose and art. And, just scrolling down the track list here, I don’t see anything along the lines of “Eat It, GQ” or “Gentlemen’s Quarterly? More Like Jerks Quarterly” or “Magazines Are Lame, Let’s All Read Books.” I don’t know. Seems like a missed opportunity, if you ask me.

Deltron 3030 feat. Zack De La Rocha, “Melding of the Minds”

It’s been 13 years since the classic Deltron debut, which seems like a long time to wait until you realize it’s been infinite years since the Zack De La Rocha debut, because that album doesn’t exist. Are there still people waiting for a ZDLR solo album? I bet there are still people waiting for a ZDLR solo album. Let’s all get together and call it now, dudes: It’s never happening. Let it go. Let it go. There. Feeling better already.

MGMT, “Cool Song No. 2”

Hey, Michael K. Williams in a music video! What a great idea! Oh wait. Sorry, MGMT. As with most things in our known universe, Young Jeezy did it first.

Trouble, “The Best in Me”

Rappers Love Sade, Part 4,080: Mike Will Made It samples “Sweetest Trouble” for Trouble, as he takes a break from the hardships of the trap to woo a lady.

Beck, “Gimme”

Says Beck, of his recent string of stand-alone singles: “For 10 years I’ve been talking about putting out a series of 12-inch singles, one at a time. But I was holding them back ‘cos I wasn’t sure what I was doing with them. And I just wanted people to hear them.” So you’re not only providing us with tender, wonderfully cracked pop music — you’re also subverting the entire music industry release system infrastructure. Good work, dude.

FKA twigs, “Papi Pacify”

If you’re only going to watch one semi-nude glittery black-and-white pas de deux music video from an ascendant British chanteuse this week, make it this one.

Uncle Murda feat. Rocko, “Wu Wuu Wuuu”

Have you run out of ways to describe the elegance, significance, and superiority of your cars, your girls, your shoes, your television set, your walk-in closet, your toaster? Friends, Uncle Murda is here for you. Wu wuu wuuu. Wu wuu wuuu. Wu wuu wuuu.

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