Songs of the Week: Nude Beach, Girls, Drugs, and Claymation Violence

Nude Beach, “Some Kinda Love”

WFMU The Best Show‘s Tom Scharpling directs, and provides a perfectly bare-bones pop-up video kind of vibe — until the narrator’s spiraling personal life gets in the way. Now this is how you make awesome videos on a budget of $17, Baked Lays mini bags, and a camera you borrowed from your cousin Ricky. Oh, and the track’s a killer, too.

Heems, “Cowabunga Gnarly”

FULL DISCLOSURE: I once saw Heems eat a dosa.

Dirty Projectors, “While You’re Here”

Dave Longstreth wrote this track, which comes off the new Dirty Projectors EP About to Die, two years ago, on the day of the wake for TV on the Radio’s Gerard Smith. “This song is for him,” Longstreth writes. “Miss u Gerry!”

Wild Nothing, “Paradise”

The Gaslight Anthem, “Here Comes Your Man”

In the new Wild Nothing video, we have Oscar-nominated actress Michelle Williams, looking out airplane windows at clouds, hanging out by waterfalls, and generally being quite artsy. In the new Gaslight Anthem video, we have Elisha Cuthbert being awed by traditional movie-projection technology. So which “blonde actress slumming it in music videos” experience is right for you? Why choose when you can have both!

King L featuring Juicy J and Pusha T, “My Hoes They Do Drugs”

Two important things separating King L from the rest of his Chicago drill scene compatriots:

1. He’s older than guys like Chief Keef and Lil Reese, and possibly wiser, seeing as, to date, he hasn’t gotten himself in any horrible Twitter-and-violence news stories.

2. His debut album is called Dope & Shrimp. Dope & Shrimp! Good luck topping that, rest of the world.

Christopher Owens, “Lysandre’s Theme / Here We Go”

First Christopher Owens announced his abrupt departure from his band Girls, after just two tantalizingly great albums. Now, he’s abruptly announced a solo album, all about a girl he fell in love with on tour while still adjusting to the fact he was no longer just some guy writing songs in his room. Good to know Owens wasn’t planning to drop off the face of the earth forever. Even better to know he’s come back swinging — and by swinging, I mean crafting gorgeous lovestruck ballads, of course.

Papa, “Put Me to Work”

Multi-instrumentalist/songwriter Darren Weiss is one half of Papa, was formerly the drummer for Girls, and now he’s got a new heater as well. OK, so, with so much talent on hand, and only ascendance in their futures — why did Girls break up? Can we completely rule out the possibility that an increasingly more maniacal Lena Dunham made them do it?

Roc Marciano, “Bozak”

First line: “Rock ‘n’ roll, no joke / bangin’ with the sock an’ soap.” First line!

Sufjan Stevens, “Mr. Frosty Man”

Has Sufjan Stevens … lost his damn mind?! Nope. He’s just hooking up some brutal claymation violence of the highest order. This is a public service.

Gunplay, “Bible on the Dash”

And now for some bittersweet news. Earlier this week, “rapper Gunplay was given a $150,000 bond and house arrest … in connection to the robbery of man [sic] at Miami tax business, his attorney said.” On the one hand, we’re glad the dude is out, and we hope house arrest means lots of productivity. On the other: You have completed a magical transformation from Rick Ross also-ran to legit person who lots of people like; please stop doing stuff like robbing Miami tax businesses. Anyway, here’s a Gunplay classic from earlier this year, in case you’re interested on riding into your weekend on a somber note.

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