‘Sharknado 2’ Has Cast Some Great, Awful Costars for Tara Reid and Ian Ziering (Hint: Mark McGrath)



A tornado brimming with sharks is an imaginary natural disaster just bonkers enough to warrant bemused interest a single time, one would assume. But then a sequel — Sharknado 2: The Second One — was announced a mere week after Syfy premiered the original. And the viewership kept growing each time Syfy re-aired the movie. And Regal Cinemas did 200 midnight screenings. And I saw a HOUSE dressed as Sharknado for Halloween?! It was unfiltered, hashtag-driven insanity — but it was over, right? Sharknado 2 would come and go, fickle Twitter would refuse to take the bait a second time, Tara Reid and Ian Ziering would each receive one more paycheck, and we’d all forget it.

Now we’ve got a complication. Sharknado 2 has reeled in a half-dozen B-, C-, and D-listers who, working together, might propel this shoulda-been-an-anomaly property into an actual TV movie franchise. (Or at least Syfy thinks so.) We’re looking at Andy Dick as a New York City cop (yup), Kelly Osbourne as a flight attendant, Judd Hirsch as a taxi driver (get it?), Vivica A. Fox as an old pal of Ziering’s character, Judah Friedlander as a dude presumably wearing a hat, and, oh my goodness, Mark “Every Morning There’s a Halo Hangin’ From the Corner of My Girlfriend’s Four-Post Bed” McGrath. Somewhere, Quentin Tarantino is semi-jealous he didn’t assemble this cast first, although he’ll have nothing to worry about when he sees the final product — by Sharknado 3, these things are going to be as foolish as the Scary Movies. At least we’ll always have this:

[protected-iframe id=”3ce8cdd6221cdf8ef6d0bf75c71d7519-60203239-57808363″ info=”https://vine.co/v/hZB0Q6v3jex/embed/simple” width=”540″ height=”540″ frameborder=”0″]

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