‘Sex Tape’ Red-Band Trailer: The Full ‘Lincoln’

Have you always dreamed of a Bad Teacher reunion, ever since 2011? Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel, bouncing the lowbrow funnies off each other, as directed by Walk Hard and Orange County helmer Jake Kasdan? Sweet, then this is your moment. Just be prepared to overlook a premise that relies on cloud storage while completely misunderstanding it. (Road Trip’s Austin/Boston kerfuffle might’ve been a likelier sex tape mishap than this.)

Sex Tape — which, dear god, please don’t plaster public places with the poster, because no parent wants this to be the impetus for The Sex Talk — features Segel and Diaz as a couple whose spark guttered out sometime between getting together and having two children. With the help of some Rollerblades and an iPad, the couple opts to film an epic sex tape. Which then goes out to everyone — as these things inevitably do in movies — and ignites a quest that J.R.R. Tolkien would be proud of. Databases will be smashed, fancy public functions will be besmirched, dogs will get abused by treadmills, and Rob Lowe will go on a coke bender and wind up in a Chris Traeger state of mind.

The script comes from Kate Angelo, a Bernie Mac Show and Will & Grace producer who wrote J-Lo’s The Back-up Plan. The trailer looks pretty slapsticky and rote by the end, but we’ll see. Jason Segel, dedicated dong-presenter that he is, has done more with less before.

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