Russell Crowe Elected Mayor

Tommy Jackson/Getty Images Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe will join Mark Wahlberg in Allen HughesBroken City as a mayor who hires a private detective (Wahlberg) to spy on his wife, whom he rightfully suspects of cheating. The role of Crowe’s wife has not yet been cast, but we have a suggestion. Grade: B [Deadline]

In other Russell-related news, Warner Bros. has given foppish flop peddler Russell Brand a first-look development deal and his own production company, which the Arthur star has christened Branded Films, possibly because Tax Write-Down Productions was taken. Grade: D [Deadline]

Hype Williams will direct the Joe Eszterhas-scripted sexual thriller Lust, about a married woman seduced by a younger man who secretly videotapes their tryst. Again, no word on casting yet, but Julianne Moore is going to be rich. Grade: B [Variety]

Doing their part to ease the shortage of lawyers in TV drama, ABC has ordered a script that would turn Matthew McConaughey’s 2011 sorta hit The Lincoln Lawyer — about an attorney who operates from the back of a town car — into a show. Grade: C+ [Variety]

Jason Momoa, who plays the title role in next weekend’s Conan the Barbarian remake (and Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones), claims he’s written the sequel to his movie himself and is currently waiting around to see if producers accept his screenplay (“It’s character-adapted, because I really want to get into more of the mythical creatures, you know?” he tells Crave). As long as his dialogue can match that of the “Yarrrgggghhhhhhhh!”-filled trailers for Conan, we can’t imagine why they wouldn’t. Grade: C+ [Crave]

Gerard Butler will star in The Bricklayer, a thriller adapted from former FBI agent Noah Boyd’s novel about an ex-FBI agent working as a construction worker who the Bureau asks for help in tracking a criminal gang. Grade: C [HR]

Good news for fans of live stuttering: Best Picture winner The King’s Speech is coming to Broadway in fall of 2012. Grade: B- [Showbiz 411]

Is any dancing-related classic safe from Kenny Ortega‘s evil clutches? After he finishes having flirted with remaking Footloose, the High School Musical director will redo Dirty Dancing for Lionsgate. Grade: D [Deadline]

Horror-themed cabler FearNet has ordered its first original series: Holliston, which the network describes as “Wayne’s World meets Saw.” Grade B+ [Deadline]

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